Illigh’s Jewish cemetery

Honoured that both my photo book The Old Kasbah of Illigh and The House of Illigh, a publication compiled by Bert Hogervorst, are to be included in the library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle. This Paris-based, international Jewish organisation was founded in 1860 with the mission of safeguarding the human rights of Jews around the world. Alliance Israélite Universelle is also noted for its emphasis on education.

Located on the edge of the Moroccan Sahara, Illigh was once a power centre on the Trans-Saharan trade routes stretching from Timbuktu through the desert and on to Europe. Together with gold, ivory and ostrich feathers, enslaved black people were brought to Illigh where they were bought and sold. Some of their descendants still live there and have allowed me to photograph them for my book.

The books and how to purchase them
The Old Kasbah of Illigh focuses on the noble and historic Aboudmiaa family, the surrounding community, the Kasbah’s architecture and the local landscape. It is the first, in-depth photographic exploration of Illigh and is, as such, a scoop. The House of Illigh, a book assembled by Bert Hogervorst, comprises richly illustrated, French or English contributions from 14 authors that vary from a student’s experience of Illigh and its inhabitants in 1980 to an essay on the Jews of Illigh and a graphic article starting with 17th century Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter’s quest to free Dutch sailors imprisoned in Illigh.

The House of Illigh is available for €29,95 + p&p and both books are on sale together for the special price of €39,95 + p&p. To purchase, please send an email to