Lost in Time poster, Northlight Gallery, Stromness. Orkney
© www.anniewrightphotography.com

This is my Lost in Time poster for my upcoming, eponymous show at the Northlight Gallery in Stromness, Orkney. It was also my first venture into using PhotoShop as a graphic design tool rather than exclusively for photography.

For me, being “lost in time” is how I feel behind the camera where losing myself, a sense of time and my bearings are essential elements in the quest for the unexpected. Of course, this also relates to the subject matter and atmosphere of my photos – an example being poster boy Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian God of the Afterlife, the Underworld and the Dead. Here, he looks more like a disconcerted clerk being called to task than the deity responsible for transition, resurrection, and regeneration – the moral being that even gods can feel lost and vulnerable.

In terms of graphic choices, I was limited by the fact this poster will only printed as an A4 and used in emails as a teeny tiny A6. So I had to keep the text to a minimum and – most importantly – ensure that it remained legible! Hence why the letters are outlined in emphatic black.

All in all I really enjoyed working on this, especially as I have a hidden agenda: I’ve always secretly wanted to combine photos with text. So, who knows, perhaps my Lost in Time poster will lead to a whole new line of work.