Sahara Schrift

I’m delighted that nine of my photos have been included in the Sahara Schrift, the very first issue of a magazine published by the Sahara Society of the Netherlands. The Sahara Schift is a visual and written tribute to not only North Africa but also Amazigh communities and their culture. There are articles on jewelry and history along with poems, fairy tales and art; academics, photographers, writers and artists have all contributed, resulting in a varied compilation. Proceeds from the sales of the Sahara Schrift will go to the Sahara Society so that it will be able to continue its work. The last few copies of this Dutch-language periodical are available for purchase at

About the Sahara Society

The Sahara Society of the Netherlands organises meetings and introductions for people with an interest in the cultures in and around the North African Sahara. It holds lectures, events and screenings about both the Sahara and  its people. The Society also provides information about exhibitions, films and concerts elsewhere, and publishes articles about the many aspects of life in this region. Moreover, it seeks out like-minded individuals and sets up social networks between different geographical locations. Do you have something interesting to say about the largest sand desert in the world? If so, let us know, and we’ll publish it.