Northlight Gallery, Stromness, Orkney

This is where I will be in three weeks and three days time: back in Orkney where I’m having an exhibition at the excellent Northlight Gallery in Stromness. It’s called “Lost In Time”, a title which describes how I experience photography where losing myself, all sense of time and my bearings are essential elements in the intuitive process of finding the unexpected. This show juxtaposes journeys in the Middle East and North Africa with those made in Ireland and Orkney. In other words: places that either very, very dry or extremely wet: the Sahara meets bog. 

Northlight Gallery

Northlight Gallery is located in the centre of Stromness on the south-west coast of Mainland, Orkney. It is a non-profit exhibition space with a strong connection with the local community and a diverse approach to the visual arts. Apart from painting, photography, film and sculpture, it has also featured embroidery and knitting, both of which have a strong Orcadian tradition.