Travelling ted Alfie deep in the Sahara and wondering where on earth he left his whiskey supply... ©Annie Wright. Djellaba by House of Diana.

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Alfie’s Cupboards

Alfie, my travelling teddy bear, is now the proud owner of two19th century cupboards, which will accommodate his ever-expanding wardrobe.©Annie WrightPhotography

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Off Piste

Alfie jumping for joy after returning from the Sochi Olympics. He especially enjoyed copious après ski and was definitely off piste. © www.anniewrightphotography.com

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Alfie, my crossing-dressing fairy in the Christmas tree, wishes all his many friends a wonderful day and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Photo: Annie

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Happy Paddy’s Day

Alfie bearly there but wishing you a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day! His leprechaun lounge pyjamas and matching shamrock hat were specially made for the occasion by his personal couturier,…

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