I’m thinking a lot about my friend David Solomon, who’s teaching English to Palestinians in Abu Dis, a town next to the Wall that separates Palestine from Israel. David, who is Jewish, has been writing a blog about his experiences, which included a meeting with his staunchly Israeli cousin.

David writes: “When I broke down in tears talking to my cousin Peter in Jerusalem, this was a reaction to six days of unremitting intensity. Life is so intense here, there is no let up from it, nowhere to go. People are talking about the Situation all the time: the wall, soldiers, detentions, prisons, roadblocks. There is absolutely nowhere to go to escape it. I wonder if they feel this in Israel too? But at least there they have the kinds of escapism also available to people in Europe and the US: shopping, getting drunk, going to nightclubs, taking drugs, the beach, the sea. Here most of these things are not available, except of course sociability which is on a very high level. As I have said, this is one of the most friendly places I have ever been to in my whole life.”

Photo: David. Check out the site here: http://abudisvolunteer.blogspot.com/