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Located on the edge of the Moroccan Sahara, Illigh’s kasbah dominates the landscape for miles around. It was once a power centre on the Trans-Saharan trade routes stretching from Timbuktu across the desert and on to Europe. Through its gates passed gold, ivory and enslaved black people, who were brought to Illigh to be bought and sold. Some descendants still live here and are featured in this photo book, The Old Kasbah of Illigh.

This publication is rich in cultural heritage and also includes photos of the architecture and terrain, portraits of the ruling Aboudmiaa family, traces of the long-departed Jewish community and a spectacular annual festival that’s a meeting place for people from far and wide. The Old Kasbah of Illigh is the first in-depth photographic exploration of this astonishing historic site.

Paperback, 56 pages, full colour
Price: €19,95

Companion Volume
Click here for information about The Old Kasbah of Illigh’s companion volume, The House of Illigh, which comprises articles, essays and extensive visual documentation about the kasbah’s history, communities and scholarship. The two books are available at a reduced price when purchased together.