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Developing a book in times of Covid-19 is tricky and was something I had no idea of when, a year ago, a publisher in Marrakech (Morocco) offered me a book deal. It would comprise my photographs of Illigh, an historic kasbah on the edge of the Sahara that was once a crossroads on the Trans-Saharan trade routes. I was also to supply an introduction and captions. Naturally I was delighted and set to work on selecting the photos and writing the text. At this point I’d also contacted Jet Duhen who, in 2017, designed this website together with her husband, multimedia engineer Louwrens Duhen.

Working with such a top-flight designer as Jet is always a privilege and a pleasure. And time after time I was astonished by her creativity that constantly exceeded my expectations: the elegant font and typography, the layout that enhanced the form and content of my photos and her endless patience when things took longer than expected. Quite an achievement in times of Covid-19. On one memorable occasion during Amsterdam’s shutdown, we actually held a meeting in the street so as to ensure that we were properly socially distanced.

The book is now ready but, like much of the world, Morocco is in a state of emergency and its borders are closed for all but essential travel. This means I must hope for better times when I will be able return to Marrakech for the book’s printing. Unlike Jet I am not naturally a patient person but, like many others during Covid-19, this is a virtue I’m rapidly acquiring.

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